Flera Fenixpiloter kommer att resa till Frankrike i juni och delta i den tävling som Ozone ordnar i Larange.

Dates for 2008 Ozone Chabre Open - Friday June 6th to Friday June 13th.
Friday 6th will be registration day. Practice task on Saturday 7th June. Task days Sunday 8th June to Friday 13th June inclusive.

Following the great success of the 2005 2006 and 2007 Ozone Chabre Open, (Results, Reports and Photos all available from the links on the left) and Ozone's generous offer of further sponsorship plans are in hand for a 2008 event. It will be run along similar lines but will be BIGGER and BETTER we hope.

2007 Results here.

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The Ozone Chabre Open is an international friendly paragliding cross country competition held in June at sites in an around the Laragne and Sederon areas of South East France.

Sponsored by paraglider and kite manufacturer, Ozone, the event is organised by the Laragne-based club, Chabre Vol Libre, with further support from Les Loups Volants at Sederon as well as both local and regional authorities.

The Ozone Chabre Open is, first and foremost, designed to be a friendly, fun competition - with the emphasis on fun! It is aimed at encouraging experienced cross country paraglider pilots to compete in a friendly and stress-free environment. Above all, we want pilots to fly safely and well within their personal levels of experience.

Competition time at Laragne:click for a larger imageFor this reason, the Ozone Chabre Open is a Serial Class event. That is, you fly on your regular wing (whether DHV, Afnor or CEN rated) and compete against others in your performance category. There will be prizes for winners in each category. A handicap points system will determine an overall winner, whereby lower performing wings will benefit from bonus points. The competition is open to all makes of certified paraglider.

Laragne-Chabre is a fantastic area for paragliding cross country, frequented every year by national teams and competitions from around the world and the venue for the 2009 Hang Gliding Worlds. At the Ozone Chabre Open, tasks will be challenging, but achievable - and not only by national champions. And retrieves are included in the fee!

Top competition pilots are welcome to enter too, but you will need to be on a certified glider for this event and places will be limited. We will especially welcome those willing to help less competition-savvy folk, with advice and guidance on the basics of competition flying, strategy and, of course, how to use one's GPS.

The Ozone Chabre Open will also be a team event, and we are keen to encourage team entries (4 pilots per team), particularly teams with mixed abilities and glider ratings and those from clubs and schools.

With the emphasis on a fun, friendly event, the Ozone Chabre Open will feature a full programme of extra activities including talks and lectures from paragliding skygods, barbecues and parties, and debriefs of day's tasks. Ozone will have demo wings

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